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A competence network for the Smart City

Smart Cities are very comprehensive indeed. effectas has in-depth knowledge of all the themes surrounding a Smart City and how these are connected. For disciplines that can not be immediately offered by effectas, a wide network of innovative Smart City partners is available.

City planning

A dialogue with the population

Architecture shows the past and present of a city and sets the scene for citizens and visitors. Urban planning should be designed in a way that allows all stakeholders to get what they want.

In a city, building projects are often controversial, leading to referenda at the federal level. In this environment lies a core competency of effectas’ partners: involving the population in designing their environment.

Through a software-based interview process involving different stakeholders, the concept and design of building projects becomes a joint task. Respondents specify their own preferences, and these are simultaneously visualised. The evaluated information can then be incorporated into the concept. This approach enriches planning with a broad range of new impulses, whilst also increasing acceptance and understanding for projects. effectas likes to work on projects in the effectas ECO system.

Smart Home

Individually networked

Smart networking in the home enhances convenience and security and can also result in substantial savings through cost optimisation. In a Smart City, Smart Homes or Smart Buildings are important. A wide range of different technologies exists, including KNX, Digital Strom, ZigBee and Enocean, which can be used for home automation.

One effectas partners specialises in building automation. Experienced engineers and technicians realise vendor-neutral solutions in residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and the industry for the greatest customer benefit. effectas is happy to cater to their needs and through its partner network .

Urban Hive

Swiss Smart City

Urban Hive is a group of ‘best in class’ companies from various sectors, which aim to promote the theme of Smart Cities in Switzerland and create sustainable models for tomorrow in cities and regions. Our expertise allows us to provide impetus and act as an incubator for Smart City Services.

Urban Hive is an ecosystem of innovative companies, which partner with urban areas to create services that add value for citizens and bring sustainability successes to cities.

Application development

Making new things possible

The technological basis for communication or sensor technology on which Smart Cities and the Internet of Things are founded has been rolled out. Now, innovative ideas must be technologically implemented and introduced. That means applications must be developed.

effectas is in close contact with an experienced team of application developers in the areas of industrial automation and Internet of Things.

Application ideas, supported by a business case, can be easily developed into market-ready solutions under the direction of effectas.

LoRa Alliance

Internet of Things Technology

The LoRa® Alliance is one of the fastest growing alliances between ‘Internet of Things’ companies. LoRa technology, developed by Semtech, allows objects to be networked nationwide, within a short time and at a low cost.

effectas is a registered member of the LoRa Alliance, as a provider of LoRa networks and a developer of Internet of Things and Smart City applications .


The LoRa® name and associated logo are trademarks of Semtech Corporation or its subsidiaries.

Living for the Elderly

Service platform for senior citizens

Many elderly people want to keep living in their homes for as long as possible. But often, an accumulation of little things ultimately lead to the decision to move to a nursing home, such as difficulty shopping, cleaning or receiving regular visits from relatives who want to see how things are going.

effectas works closely with a service provider that offers complete packages for the elderly. This Smart Living company offers a variety of own services (not only for seniors) whilst also operating a platform that offers services from third parties. Residents benefit from the greater comfort and better quality of life this platform brings.

effectas gladly looks after their ​​Smart Living needs, mediated through the effectas ECO system.


Placement of capital

Years of experience in  telecom consulting and a focus on the Smart City has brought effectas into contact with investors interested in projects in this area.

effectas can support financing discussions through mediation or, where appropriate, help present the opportunity and select the right investor.

Smart City Research

Passing on valuable know-how

Contact with the research community guarantees there’s always a connection to current and future developments in the emerging field of Smart Cities. effectas cooperates with researchers and universities on scientific papers and the development of Smart City applications. Through this collaboration of professionals from the practical and theoretical worlds. valuable expertise is produced that benefits effectas customers.

effectas is happy to put you in direct contact with qualified experts from our network.