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effectas is Switzerland’s FTTH pioneer. From business plan to technical expertise right through to defining services, everything can be left to a single party.

effectas is a leader in advising companies which aim to realize FTTH (Fiber To The Home) infrastructure. Especially when it comes to development of the new business area Telecom in Power Companies (utilities), effectas is the right partner. effectas can support every step in successfully developing this.

Strategy consulting

Support in new business areas

Whether you’re branching out into new business areas or expanding existing activities, effactas brings pioneering skills and specific expertise, which methodically guides customers towards their goals.

Service development

Successful services for FTTH Networks

A Fibre to the Home infrastructure is capable of excellent network performance. Its market success, however, strongly depends on the availability of the services on offer, as well as the marketing concept and branding. Effects supports clients in finding suitable services or developing their own, with an eye on offering packages which will appeal to the end users.

Technology migration

Investing in the right technology today

When is the right moment for FTTH? Should a possible migration take place gradually, that’s to say in an evolutionary way, or carried in a single step? The answers depend on the specific situation. To determine this, the following points must be clarified:

  • State of the network
  • Market situation
  • Strategic services and their requirements in relation to the grid
  • Profitability


Increasing efficiency, uncovering innovation potential, making performance measurable

The true potential for efficiency and innovation lies in processes. effectas has experience in creating process manuals for telecom firms or departments equipped with FTTH networks. Through frameworks such as ITIL or eTOM, effectas makes use of industry standards, which guarantee best practices whilst also enabling benchmarking of KPIs.

System evaluation

From requirements to implementation

Effectas is thoroughly familiar with evaluation of the network components right down to  OSS and BSS systems.

Business model innovation

Digitisation brings new opportunities

A constantly changing environment makes critical examination of one’s own business model very important. Digitisation brings new market entrants, new customer segments and needs. An early analysis of business model innovation can make you a sustainable player tomorrow.

Together with its customers, effectas analyses a snapshot of the current situation in detail. Working closely with customers and using the Edison method, effectas has developed new ideas for business models and developed them into market-ready concepts and business plans, whilst also supporting implementation.

Business planning

The basis for financial decisions

Every business should have a coherent business plan based on the use of tangible and verifiable calculations as an instrument.

When preparing business plans, effectas can rely on on years of experience in the telecom industry. Effective visualization tools are used for simulations and presentations to the Board of Directors or Executive Board.

Network design

Project managers with years of experience

In Switzerland, most new fibre-optic networks are created according to a model developed by BAKOM (Bundesamt für Kommunikation, or Federal Office of Communications.) effectas can take care of any project, from overall management to planning connections, fibre routes and splices. The effectas project planners have built up considerable experience in numerous FTTH projects all over Switzerland.

Partnership Negotiations

Years of experience and know-how bring you safely to your destination

FTTH partnership negotiations with Swisscom are not unlike David taking on Goliath. Those responsible for utilities or municipalities often lack experience and specific knowledge of conditions as stipulated in other cooperation agreements.

effectas has supported many utilities and municipalities throughout their partnership negotiations with Swisscom. Effectas’ experience guarantees that the cooperation negotiations will certainly lead to success and that fair conditions are negotiated.


A selection from the effectas methods portfolio
  • Scenario analysis
  • Service Development
  • Project management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Strategy Development
  • Edison method
  • Business model development
  • Rapid Prototyping