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Innovation rarely happens by chance. Instead, it is the result of a methodological approach and the ability to activate employees’ creativity.

Idea workshops

With method and motivation

The most important source of new ideas are your own employees. No one knows more about your current situation and company than they do. At the same time, employees can also be the biggest inhibitor of innovation, possibly because they are too set in their views or fear the future. However, in general, each employee can play an important role in the innovation process, as a moderator, facilitator, innovator or critical observer.

effectas consultants are well-versed in the Edison method. With this technique, teams can generate attractive ideas for services or products, combine them into marketable concepts and develop these further. Through expertise, secure use of proves methodologies and infectious enthusiasm, effectas Idea Workshops bring the results you need.

Service development

From idea to service in one hand

The service development process is closely related to creativity, but analysis and concrete development are equally important.

Effectas guides businesses though the creative brainstorming phase, to market research and conceptual design of new innovative services. Based on in-depth business case scenarios, the decision for or against implementation can be made. effectas can also support prototype development, as well as creatw business process services, and look after the market launch.

Business planning

The basis for financial decisions

Every business should have a coherent business plan, based on the use of tangible and verifiable calculations as an instrument.

When preparing business plans, effectas can rely on years of experience in the telecom industry. Effective visualization tools are used for simulations and presentations to the Board of Directors or Executive Board.

Monitoring implementation

Active support in a variety of roles

Having ideas is one thing – turning these into specific tangible products or services and taking care of internal and external implementation is another.

After making the decision to turn an idea into a product or service, you need to put the right people together in an energetic project team. effectas can help solve any challenge related tp implementation projects. Whether you need a smart specialist, an assertive project manager or a Project Office employee with a good overview, effectas consultants provide active, hand-on, highly motivated support and fit into any team .

Business model innovation

What role will your company play tomorrow?

Digitisation brings new market entrants, customer segments and needs. An early analysis of business model innovation can make you a sustainable player tomorrow.

Together with its customers, effectas analyses a snapshot of the current situation in detail. Working closely with customers and using the Edison method, effectas has developed new ideas for business models and developed them into market-ready concepts and business plans, whilst also supporting implementation.


Excerpt from the effectas methods portfolio
  • Edison method with a full toolbox of creative techniques
  • Strathclyde scenario technique


Projects in the area of Innovation and Service Development