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One stop shopping: from application idea through to business model, application development and system integration.

In a Smart City, IoT brings great potential for innovation and new opportunities for increasing efficiency. With fibre-optic networks and radio systems, the city’s neural pathways are put in place. Equipping ‘things’ with sensors and actuators can result in meaningful applications as well as matching business models, opening up a new world of possibilities.

Service development

Realising existing and radically new applications with IoT

Virtually everywhere you look, newly developed ideas based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology are making existing challenges, solutions and processes easier to deal with. The applications are endless.

IoT services can be developed by systematically screening existing applications and radically new services can arise through the introduction of a creative process.

effectas applies the Edison method. Based on this methodology, a range of proven creativity techniques are used to identify attractive business propositions. Ideas for applications are combined with marketable concepts and further developed.

Requirement Engineering

IoT solutions from a single source

effectas can offer complete customized IoT solutions. The needs of the business are analysed, documented and incorporated in a technical specification. Software is developed either by an effectas subsidiary or a partner.

The total solution includes integration of sensors, making sure transfers work as intended, application logic programming and integration into the backend systems.

Concept hardware

Matching hardware for every application

Preferably, effectas uses tried and tested, proven sensors. However, for needs that are not covered by commercially available sensors, effectas can make the required adjustments or design and develop new components in collaboration with partners.


IoT boosts efficiency

When making use of IoT, the biggest wins are usually efficiency-related. In many instances, human labour could be replaced in future by cross-linked ‘things’, which carry out control or monitoring activites at a fraction of the cost.

System evaluation

From requirements to implementation

IoT brings a choice of different wired and wireless technologies, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Specific technologies can be recommended depending on the application and the requirements arising from user cases. Often, a combination of technologies will deliver the best possible solution.

effectas guides customers through the evaluation process, offering a helping hand when it comes to implementing individual solutions.

Business planning

From the business idea to business plan

Essentially, IoT projects can generate value in two possible ways. Entirely new business ideas can be developed, whilst existing user cases can be revolutionised.

effectas supports the development of business ideas, from business model development to execution of the business plan.

APP Place

Connecting developers and users

effectas shares all applications released by developers in the Cloud. This allows businesses to benefit from a growing marketplace and ecosystem for innovation.