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effectas understands how to successfully merge the fields of ICT and Energy at strategic and operational levels, under current market conditions and regulations and in the context of Smart Cities.

Strategy consulting

The plan to realise the vision

Power utilities face changing regulatory and technical conditions, which strongly influence the market and position of the energy grid or power supply company. effectas can support the strategy process in a methodological and practical manner.


Service development

Enhancing the portfolio, generating added value and boosting customer loyalty

In fast-moving times, business models may experience pressure, but many pioneering business opportunities may also arise. New services can spring up anywhere, not only within conventional disciplines. In a Smart City, village or region, a rail company might play an important role, thanks to its links to the local community, its infrastructure and a usually high level of trust. Using various creative techniques, effectas has developed a number of service concepts and developed them to market maturity.

Smart Metering

Individual solutions for today and tomorrow

In the initial stage, Smart Metering might only be used to remotely read out meters, but later, this could become an integral part of a Smart Grid. Smart Metering solutions can be implemented on different technology platforms and systems, depending on the initial situation and needs. Owing to their inherent characteristics, Smart Metering projects always offer the potential to harmonize processes across divisions.


Efficiency in cross-divisional cooperation

Increasingly, processes are not only affecting individual areas of the power infrastructure, but also having consequences across divisions. It is becoming increasingly important to combine specific areas to develop efficient processes and support these with the best tools possible. effectas has mastered various ‘process frameworks’ and can rely on a great deal of experience in this field.

System evaluation

From requirements to tender

effectas’ specialists rely on Requirement Engineering methods to identify the needs of utilities and relates system requirements. If necessary, effectas can carry out both private and public tenders.

IT strategy

Which tools and how to use them

To realise the best possible IT support, IT requirements must be derived from the corporate strategy and translated into ‘IT language’. Progressive digitalization means IT strategy is becoming more and more business-critical.


Business model innovation

Revealing potential for change

Business model innovation can enable disruptive changes. Often, a product isn’t what makes the difference to a company’s success, but the underlying business model instead. Our methodology includes efficient detection of existing models, finding the potential for change and developing new business models.

FTTH networks

Support from longstanding FTTH specialists

Building FTTH networks is, in itself, no longer a major challenge. All the technological principles are well-documented. Instead, strategic questions must be answered, regarding, for example, the impact of different topologies on network construction.

effectas has extensive experience in all disciplines related to FTTH networks. This makes it possible to examine issues from all angles and develop the best possible strategy together with customers.

Business Planning

Greater planning security through Scenario Development and KPI ‘Cockpit’

Often, the business plan is derived from an Excel sheet listing revenue, costs and investments. effectas’ business planning takes a different approach: the must-have (Excel) listing is supplemented by scenario analyses and a KPI ‘Cockpit’. This dashboard allows analysis of the impact of diverging assessments on the business case. At the same time, important input parameters can be altered and the impact on the KPI can be checked. This facilitates goal-oriented and constructive discussion.


Extract from the effectas methods portfolio
  • Scenario analysis
  • Service Development
  • Project management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Strategy Development
  • Edison method
  • Business model development
  • ITIL, eTOM
  • Rapid Prototyping


Projects in the Smart Energy area