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Meet the challenges of digitisation with the right strategy and recognise the opportunities of the future.

Do the right thing and implement it correctly. Effectiveness and efficiency are the words from which the name ‘effectas’ is derived. Doing the right thing means developing the strategy, implementing it correctly is only possible if you have the right processes and systems in place. The strategy is the sum of the activities that must be carried out in order to reach your destination. A company can only be guided strategically if each task is perfectly clear at every stage. Each employee can contribute to strategy fulfilment and effectas helps companies make the most of this potential. “Strategies prove themselves during their implementation” – which is why effectas should ideally be involved in strategy implementation.


Business strategy

The plan to achieve the vision

As Conficius would say, “roads were made for journeys, not destinations”.

That doesn’t mean, however, that companies should move towards the future from day to day without any clear points of orientation. The importance of a tangible and challenging vision is often underestimated. Yet this is the motor of our motivation, it can arouse desire, show us the target and inspire us to excel.

The Strategy outlines the way in which this vision can be realized. Today, circumstances can change very rapidly. Therefore, it is advisable to check both the target and the road periodically.

IT Strategy

Using tools correctly

If used properly, IT resources should, at the very least, increase the efficiency of enterprises. Digitization and business impact make IT resources and their capabilities increasingly important.

IT is no longer just a collection of instruments for increasing efficiency, but ultimately the key to success factors or even differentiation opportunities in the business model.

Scenario planning

Ready for anything

Scenario Planning is an important tool for supporting medium to long-term thinking. Especially for utilities, it is advisable to plan scenarios ahead. In an iterative process, helping define new strategies or test existing strategies.

Business planning

The basis for financial decisions

Every business should have a coherent business plan based on the use of tangible and verifiable calculations as an instrument.

When preparing business plans, effectas can rely on years of experience in the telecom industry. Effective visualization tools are used for simulations and presentations to the Board of Directors or Executive Board.


Strategy and Business Cockpit

Keeping control of key figures

To ensure the strategy and its impact can be closely and clealry followed in figures, effectas has developed a highly configurable cockpit tool.



Excerpt from the effectas methods portfolio
  • University of Strathclyde strategy and scenarios method
  • Integrated Tool Set for Strategic Planning (such as SWOT or 5 – Forces )


Projects in the area of strategy development