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Thanks to many years of experience in utilities and cable networks effectas can jump in to resolve staff shortages when required, until the problem is structurally solved.

Timely Management

Instantly available professionals

When setting up new businesses or taking on additional tasks, staff capacity bottlenecks often occur.

effectas is on call and ready to accept tasks at short notice, working on-site if necessary – in the capacity of (ad interim) product manager, for example, or FTTH rollout-manager. The internal pool of specialised professionals at effectas can help solve staff shortages  flexibly and without requiring long training periods.

Project management

Support through experience and know-how

One can master the art of retaining a full overview of complex projects. effectas’ PMP-certified employees can apply their theoretical knowledge to numerous technical projects. A wide range of experience in customer projects in the telecom and IT sector makes effectas project staff valuable advisors.

Project Office

Reducing administrative project tasks

The Project Office supports project management in the administration and organisation of projects and can take over management of sub-projects. It relieves the project management of administrative tasks and looks after project documentation.

effectas provides experienced Project Office staff with advanced tools at their disposal, ensuring project management, relieved of administrative tasks, can completely focus on achieving project objectives.

Strategy as a Service

Ongoing improvement process for strategy development

Developing the strategy to be implemented is one thing, examining and quantifying its effects is another. In the constantly repeating PDCA cycle, according to WE Deming, the PLAN – and therefore strategy development – is merely the first step. This is followed by DO – defining actions based on the strategy – CHECK – reviewing effectiveness – and ACT – the development of measures based on knowledge gained and maintaining positive developments (standardisation). Based on this, the next cycle follows, starting again with PLAN.

effectas ‘Strategy as a Service’ supports these cycles and introduces PDCA for strategy development and process implementation. This service leads to greater standardisation and associated efficiency gains as well as scaleability. It provides those responsible with a better overview of business activities and greater awareness of the market and the impact of different control variables on the company. Customers can benefit from the market knowledge and the methodological expertise of effectas consultants.