Energy monitoring

energy monitoring

Only awareness of a situation allows targeted intervention.

  • Visually broken down energy measurement
  • Cascaded visualization of the properties’ energy data
  • Reveals patterns that lead to cost and CO2 savings
  • Energy management, load management


  • Peak shaving and consumption optimization through the control of the connected devices
  • Reduction of costs and energy consumption by limiting the maximum grid connection power and switching consumers on or off
  • Production management

    Production management

  • Production management
  • PV Avoid unnoticed production downtimes.
  • Optimization of self-consumption without user restrictions. (intelligent control with pre-calculation of production and consumers)
  • Management charging station

    Management charging station

  • Reducing grid connection costs
  • Detect failures
  • Active monitoring
  • Control of the charging stations so that the grid connection does not have to be increased and the peak load can be limited
  • Battery management

    Battery Management

  • Economic efficiency through optimization of self-consumption
  • Monitoring the batteries
  • Batteries are charged and discharged intelligently and predictively depending on production (PV) and consumption
  • Optimized storage management and thus increased self-consumption
  • Optimization of heating and cooling costs

    Optimization of heating and cooling costs

    Energy and cost reductions of between 15% and 30% without sacrificing comfort. Optimization of heating and cooling costs through predictive control and intelligent algorithms.

  • Visualization
  • Benchmark
  • AI/ML – Optimization of the flow temperature curve
  • ESG Report

    ESG Report

    Automated sustainability report.
    How sustainable and climate-friendly do you operate your building?

    All relevant data collected by the Effectas solution is integrated into an ESG report in a structured manner

  • SCOPE 1
  • SCOPE 2
  • Benchmark


    Comparison of energy performance and consumption between all buildings in a building portfolio

    Predictive maintenance

    Predictive maintenance

    Comparison of energy performance and consumption between all buildings in a building portfolio


    Reduced CO2 emissions through integration of renewable energies and promotion of energy self-sufficiency.
    ESG reporting.

    Cost reduction

    Up to 20% lower energy costs thanks to intelligent load management and avoidance of peak loads.

    Efficiency gain

    Up to 30% more energy efficiency through real-time monitoring and optimization measures.

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